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BeeBeeQ is an asymmetrical local multiplayer game where one VR player controls a Chef while up to four xbox controller players control Bees. Armed with a spatula and a fly swat the VR chef player has to try cook while the bees steal food, sting and generally harass him.


We started "BeeBeeQ" in June 2016 as a way to make VR gaming a more social experience, almost all games at the time were single player or at best online multiplayer, that meant when people had friends over to try the game it would mostly consist of 4 people watching while 1 person played. The idea for BeeBeeQ came from boiling down the immense scale of Shadow of the Colossus and King Kong into something that made sense when the monster was human sized, we couldn't enforce the slow motion feel that a creature of that size appears to move at but we achive the same type of scale conflict by scaling the whole thing down.


  • 4 unique environments.
  • 5 player gameplay with 4 player splitscreen.
  • Multiple game modes.


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Awards & Recognition

    BeeBeeQ has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "I was the chef and the fear is very real"
        - Jordan Jabroni, Game Face Show
      • "I felt like a jedi, smashing bees as I could sense them"
        - Luca Mefisto, Mefistofiles.com

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      About Popup Asylum

      Popup Asylum is a 2 (plus occasional extras) man team making indie games for mobile and PC. Our first foray into game making was Edge magazines "Edge Create" competition in 2012 in which we came approximately 6th. Since then we've worked on multiple titles simultaneously with our first commercially released title being "Look Out Below!".

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      BeeBeeQ Credits

      Mark Hogan

      Martin Ashford



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