What We Do

We are Popup Asylum, independent artists and developers from Manchester UK, who push the limits of indie game dev.


We’re massive gamers and we’re always working on our own titles.
We released our first commercial game “Look Out Below” in 2013 and have worked on several competition and gamejam titles.
We’re currently developing “Kindred”, a narrative driven 3rd person adventure game.


When we’re not in game development mode we’re asset publishers.
We maintain a wide selection of packages on the Unity Asset Store ranging from high quality 3D models to scripting packages to native plugins.
Check out all our packages on our Asset Portfolio.

Who Are We?

Mark Hogan (@markeahogan) is a Technical Artist who’s been in the Digital Marketing industry for 6 years, Martin Ashford (@popupmartin) is a 3D Artist with 9 years experience in various sectors, in that time we’ve worked on projects ranging between high end bespoke PC experiences for trade shows, industrial VR training tools and consumer apps targeting the full range of mobile devices.