I deal with VR on approximately a bimonthly basis, and Popup Asylum got a Durovis Dive in November last year which I had yet to use so with this new inspiration I decided I wanted to get some VR under my personal belt. You can download the result here.

As Popup Asylum we had done a little planning for an Oculus Rift game, a horror game that had some unique mechanics I won’t go into here, but we never moved very far with it. A small part of the reason it didn’t take off was due my feelings about VR, I feel that for a VR game to be totally immersive the control scheme needs to be completely analogous.

To that end when it came to designing a VR game for the Dive instantly I wanted to use marker tracking, because it meant only one device was needed and encouraged analogous mechanics. I had a few different ideas that could have worked but settled on a pong clone because most (if not all) gamers wouldn’t need instructions.

Durovis offers a Unity plugin and there are a few computer vision plugins available for Unity so getting both of those 2 aspects in was quite easy. I had previously hacked the Oculus Unity plugin to work using a phones gyro (and when I say ‘hack’ I don’t mean anything clever, I really mean chopping and breaking thier code till it worked for me) and while Oculus’s prediction and smoothing definitely works better than Dives, I couldn’t get it working since the last update so I stuck with the Dive version.

The first prototype came together quickly, using this great networking tutorial by @SenshiSentou to get the multiplayer working, but suffered from major lag.


This turned out to be because I was tracking the objects transform rather than the rigidbody, once I switched it all the lag issues disappeared. Martin recorded a video of it being played.

The markers were non kinematic rigidbodies with the maximum mass value and no gravity, this gave the best physics reactions and still allowed them to be moved as if they were kinematic.

I overhauled the 3D, trying to stay away from anything Tron-ish, and textured it up using the free version of dDo to get the final look, all very fast and thrown together but it works OK.


This project was my first forey into multiplayer and the physics system (LOB! used mostly custom physics) so most of this 2 week project was spent wrestling with these two areas. I spent a couple of days modelling up the corridor and another couple bug fixing and there you have it, game made, uploaded and ready to play!

Even in this project I dramatically reduced the scope, I originally planned up to 4 player games with power ups etc. Still, the game works and is definitely analogous, hope some people get a kick out of it! Download it on the Play Store

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