12 Hours of Mayhem!

This weekend I took a break from Kindred to do something silly with another North West indie dev, @BlairKnick from Batfish studios. We’re going to take part in Ludum Dare 31 next month and wanted to get to know each others work flows before we dive in to a bigger project, so we decided to work on a small project with a few standard assets we have lying around to make sure Lumun Dare isnt completely unrealistic, we all know 72 hours isnt a lot of time to make a game, which is why we decided to build one in 12!

We wanted to make a 8 player local multiplayer party game, and decided to make it Greek pantheon arena based as it’s a nice aesthetic. Before we started we had a basic set of animations rigged in to an average model and a few standard scripts that we use in every project to make our lives easier, we wanted to make all of the non standard assets and controllers in the 12 hours.

We built ‘Trials of Asphodel’ the idea being a winner stays on, stat based brawler, so each time you survive a round you keep the stats from the previous round, and can replace your armour and weapons with that of your fallen enemies. It sounds simple…. right!

I worked on the art and led the game design element with Blairs input on all decisions, Blair worked on the code and planned to work on the sound design. We worked well together and nearly finished the game in the given twelve hours, ¬†we had a few problems with the controller set up on multiple pads, and creating a movement system that made sense was more difficult than we originally hoped it might be, but eventually we got the controllers to work correctly and had the players running around, if perhaps a little oddly. We were able to get all the attack/dash/dazed/defend/ranged animations in but not the actual weapons so although you can attack each other it doesn’t do a lot. This is all great though, and the game is together. I think I was most impressed with the camera system that Blair threw together in the last hour, it worked great and it makes the game playable and fun.

The aim is to now get the attack collisions in, the hourglass in the center working which will end the battle in a pretty fun way and the stats system working correctly in. If we can get this all in over the new few weeks we will post up a build of the game, as it’s pretty fun to play.

I’ll definitely be taking part in more game jams over the next year, creating artwork quickly isn’t always a great idea but it sure is fun! If we learnt anything it’s that we might need a bigger team than 2 for Lumun Dare!


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