The Q1 of Asset Store Packages

So far for us this has been the year of Asset Store, with 5 new packages and 2 updates pushed so far. We’ve also expanded a little from just 3D packages into code based packages as well.

Here’s a quick list of the new packages we’ve put out this year so far;

PIMG_20150213_205054A Toon Aircraft Set

A collection of stylized aircraft, balloons and cargo models


PA Underwater Creatures

3  animated, stylized underwater creatures

pascifiwarzoneiconPA SciFi Warzone Environment

A collection of set dressing for creating wartorn environments


PA Star Field

A system to create procedural motion blurred stars

paproximityiconPA Proximity

A plugin giving access to the android proximity sensor



And if that’s not enough, still planned for this quarter is a packaged version of MeshBatcher, PAParticleField and PAVineGenerator.

Unity has recently updated their store uploading procedure in preparation for Unity 5 and it’s such a smoother experience, the web interface now lets you easily modify every aspect of the meta data and Unity is only used to push the package. Another plus here is that as previously you had to upload the key images and screen shots through Unity I had been keeping those files in the project, and under version control when really they didn’t need to be, and they were taking a lot of space in our repositories. Now I can keep asset store imagery separate and the Unity projects focused on their functions.

And at the same time as this the writing of Kindred is continuing to move along, improving with each iteration, and the tools we’re using to create the game (including PAPath PAParticleField and PAVineGenerator) are also ticking along.

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