MCRUUG Jan 2014

Last Thursday evening @MCRUUG were nice enough to let us talk about Popup Asylum and our take on game development, we learned a lot about how others are approaching their games and I think this might affect our development process as we progress as a company.

It was great to see @phi6 ( presenting TinyKeep again, I really appreciate how he overcomes the challenges of generating unique dungeons in what seems like a very short load time, and although we have used a similar work ethic with our generator his system seems really pure, I’d love to see some sort of mixture between TinyKeep and the Ai that @QuantumTigerAI has been working on, the idea of a completely unique game every time you play really appeals to me. All we need now is a unique Character generator and the games will start making themselves!

The shader forge work by @NormalVector is looking great, it’s great to see Unity going from strength to strength in every area of software development, and I think I can speak for all developers when I say a decent shader set really makes a big difference to your finished game. It reminded me of the work @markeahogan did for Look Out Below! to produce the full set of Half Lambert shaders that give our game is soft cartoony feel, and I wonder who might be interested in taking a look at them.

Finally I think I was most impressed and entertained by @Vorpal_Games with his presentation of Rude Bear Resurrection, I think he is making games in exactly the right way and after seeing what else he has in the works I am excited to see where he takes us next!

Now for the important stuff, @markeahogan is going to go through some of the tech we presented last night and provide links to the tools/assets that we plan to give away on the asset store in the next few weeks.

We’re packaging up the LevelGenerator for endless runner type games along with a slight update to the ReusableInstance stuff from the Object Pooling post (the LevelGenerator depends on it).

If you haven’t read that post its basically about how for mobile you want to keep your instantiate/destroy calls to a minimum, the ReusableInstance class is a base class for prefabs which store’s a list of instances of a prefab, on the prefab itself! So that prefab sitting comfortably in your project window actually stores a list of it’s copies currently in the scene, and when you call Get() instead of Instantiate() on your prefab it finds a copy of itself that’s been marked as “not busy” and returns that instead.

As well as all that functioning code your also getting a whole bunch of 3D Sci Fi assets which haven’t been seen in any commercial game yet.

Download the package here.

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