A 2 player VR/AR game for the Durovis Dive, using AR tracking you are immersed in a 3D environment with full control of your holoshield’s position and rotation. Use your shield to deflect the ball and protect your end of the corridor.

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This game is purely about immersion and analogous control and pretty much requires a Dive. When it launches you’re presented with 2 buttons, Host or Connect, HOST hosts a game that players can connect to, CONNECT connects to a hosted game. This game is more proof of concept than anything, and the connection method is pretty simple, when you connect you connect to the next most available game.

Once you’re connected the game starts immediately, you hold the marker in front of you (i.e in your cameras field of view) and the detected marker is your paddle for deflecting the ball.

You can read about the development here


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  • Ray Says

    Hey I am working on a mixed ar/vr game like this for school, wondering if you have any tips or things you came across while making this little game. Also couldn’t help but notice your camera was very smooth when looking left to right using a google cardboard I couldn’t tell if that was you hitting a good frame rate or something else? Also how did the ping pong attempt go the you tube video was quite short xD

    • Mark Hogan Says

      Hi Ray, I was using the Durovis Dive sdk to handle the gyroscope input and stereo rendering, at the time this was giving the best results on the most phones but it may be out dated now. I also had as few drawcalls as possible to keep the frame rate high. I set the Application.targetFramerate to 60, I expect this isn’t achieved or even applied on some devices, but on the devices it is supported on it makes everything smoother. I also wasn’t applying any kind of lens correction, which causes distortion at the edges or the frame but saves on rendering time. I also used custom shaders for everything with many hard coded values, I was able to get box projected reflections in by positioning the centre of the at the world origin, which saved a few calculations normally needed to offset the reflections.
      Hope that helps!

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