PA Starfield

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Demo (Download for Android)

Use Mouse/WASD and Space to steer

PA Starfield is not a simple texture or skybox, it is a combination of procedurally generated meshes and a specialized shader which gives the appearance of real time motion blurred stars, and does it without requiring render to textures or other pro features, and dramatically reduced memory compared to a skybox.

  • Motion blurred stars (without the need for Unity Pro)
  • Multiple camera support (for split screen)
  • Customizable star size, texture, color and blurriness
  • CSV Data importing




To use PA Starfield, create an instance of the included PAStarField prefab in the scene, or create a new GameObject with a PAStarField component/script. The modifiable properties will look as below.


To view the star field you must enter Play Mode. Properties under the Star Field Properties header cannot be modified at runtime, the others can.

The Seed value determines the random seed used to generate positions and colors of the stars.

The Star Count determines the number of stars that will be created, this is limited to 16250 per star field but multiple star fields can be created with different seeds if more stars are needed.

The Color Gradient is used when generating the mesh, a star is given a color randomly sampled from the gradient. This allows easy but powerful color selection, for example to create a star field with approximately 25% of stars colored orange the following gradient could be used.


It looks best when the alpha has a large value range, creating a variety of bright and dimmer stars.

The Create On Build toggle determines whether the star field mesh will be generated during the build stage. If false the generated mesh will be created in Start(), if true it will be generated while the app is building, increasing the apps size but reducing the load time.

The Star Size value determines how large the stars will be on screen.

The Blurriness value affects how much the stars will blur with motion, the higher the value the more the stars will blur.

The Texture is the main texture applied to the shader, stars are aligned vertically in the direction they are blurring so the texture should be uniformly rotatable, although the texture in the package has a slight vertical blur to enhance the effect. If a variety of different star textures are required multiple star fields with different seeds can be used.

The Color Multiplier is used to modify all the stars with a single color, this can be useful for fading the stars off as the player enters an atmosphere.