PA Underwater Environment


Available on the Asset Store

All the assets you need to create an underwater scene.


  • 18 Sea rocks
  • 19 Underwater plant varieties
  • 13 Pieces of flotsam and jetsam
  • Submarine set piece (with separate detailed interior),
  • Sunken tug boat
  • Sunken ship
  • Damaged jetty
  • Crab with Idle and Scuttle animations


  • Nurit Says

    I have recently purchased from you this assest and can not create collisins I am penetrating the ship.
    Please advice me What should I do

    • Mark Hogan Says

      You can enable Mesh Colliders in the .fbx import settings, this will add mesh colliders to all the imported meshes.
      Alternatively you can add MeshCollider components to the specific meshes you wish to collide with, Unity will automatically populate it with the right mesh.

  • Helio Says


    is the package optimized for Mobile Plataforms?, i mean low poly, i need to make an scene with no more than 100k polygons

    PD: i bought the Particle Field, just no words for dat, awesome, i love it ,well done, is just very very good, nice job.

    PD2: Spanish early developer, hope my english not to be too bad, so you understand me haha

    • Helio Says

      100k vertices -triangles* sorry

    • Mark Hogan Says

      Hi Helio, yes the assets were originally designed to use on mobile, they’re what I’d call mid-low poly, there’s tonnes of models in the pack ranging from about 50 verts for rocks up to about 10,000 verts for the fishing boat, with plants averaging 150 verts. I’m confident you could get a scene together in 100k verts but for reference the demo scene that the asset screenshots were created in totalled 290k verts

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