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PA Particle Field is a GPU Based alternative particle system, built from scratch specifically designed for looping ambient effects (though it can do so much more). Built to reduce drawcalls, fillrate and CPU overhead (especially on mobile devices), each field supports up to 16250 particles with just 1 drawcall and can be fully customized.

Download for Windows | Download for Mac | Download for Android


  • WorldSpace and LocalSpace simulation
  • Streched billboards
  • Custom facing direction
  • Multiple sprites in a single field (using a spritesheet)
  • Spritesheet animation
  • Per particle color
  • Custom shader support with helpful macros

Also Exclusion Zones allow you to exclude particles from areas and assign priority between them, useful for bus shelters in the rain etc. Each field can handle 3 Exclusion Zones at once and are assigned and handled automatically.

The package comes with 7 demo scenes:
Snow, Caustics, Rain, Stardust, Bokeh plus a custom vertex program demo and a comparison scene showing PA Particle Field handling 195000 particles with ease.

PA Particle Field manages its efficiency by getting rid of particle birth and death. Instead it recycles particles using a bounding box, when a particle reaches the edge of the box it reappears on the opposite side.

When simulating in worldspace (the default mode) the field can be moved without moving the particles it controls, giving the effect of simply revealing the particles at the new position, creating the illusion of aninfinite particle field.



Can I preview the particles’ movement without pressing ‘Play’?

Yes, at the top of the Scene window is a drop down with effects, to preview the animation turn on ‘Animated Materials’.

How can it be used with multiple cameras/players?

There are several solutions, create one large field or create a field for each player and give each a unique layer.

Can I use customized particle shaders with this package?

Yes, you can write your own shaders and there are several macros provided to help. See for a tutorial.

Can I rotate the field in worldspace mode?

No, this is a limitation of the system (rotating the field would cause a particle to exist and be displayed in multiple places at once), using “Local With Deltas” simulation space if the best option if this is required.


If you have any questions about PAParticleField leave a comment below or visit the support thread


  • chris Says

    Hello. I know this isn’t about the asset but on the about page on this website there is a button with a picture of a letter on it that doesn’t work. I thought I should let you know.

  • Ben Says

    Deprecated? Say it isn’t so! I bought this not to long ago. :-(

  • David Says

    Just got the PA Particle Field plugin for use with the HTC Vive. It doesn’t seem to be working in my project. The examples don’t render any particles, even if I turn off VR. Unity 5.4.1f1

  • Cenda Says

    Hello, we bought PA Particle Field for environment effects (Rain, Snow etc.) It is working well in Unity Editor, but it is not working build. We need instantiate particles to scene. You can check test scene: … Just click to “CREATE” button. Thanks

  • Cara Says

    Is there an easy way to apply the bokeh settings to my scene?

  • Hayato Kabe Says

    Dear Popup Asylum.

    Nice to meet you.
    My name is wall Hayato.
    In Japan the game development company is responsible for the effect designer.

    This time I have felt a very attractive asset of “Popup Asylum” like
    I was allowed to purchase the “PA Particle Field”.

    What is described in the Unity Asset Store is I read, but there is only one point questions.
    It is by all means happy and enjoy answer.

    There your described.
    “License of the number of people to use it is necessary”

    My team will have effects designer four people.
    It is currently allowed to buy four.
    Staff actually are using the Asset is this 4 people.

    But by using the “SVN” because it developed a game Asset is they will be shared with the programmers and planners are developing.

    So the question is.
    If you want to develop the game through the “SVN”,
    The license would need four people to use?
    Or do you need the number of the entire development team?

    We look forward to your answer.

    that’s all.
    Thank you.

    • Mark Hogan Says

      Nice to meet you too, glad you’re interested in Particle Field. To answer your question it’s one licence per team, you don’t need any extra licences for the other members of your team.

      • Hayato Kabe Says

        Dear Mr Mark Hogan.

        Thank you for your reply.
        We thank you gentlemen for your correspondence.

        We will continue to advance the project with the help of this asset.

        that’s all.
        Thank you.

        • Hayato Kabe Says

          We are developing a game effect using the PAparticle Field.

          Two is a question.
          Is it possible to pause the PAparticleField using a script?
          Is it possible to stop the PAparticleField using a script?

          We look forward to your reply.
          Thank you.

  • Luke Says

    How do you want to handle support for this product?
    Email? Twitter? Ask here?

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  • Bryan Says


    I’m wondering why the performance seems pretty poor?
    Is this issue caused by webplayer environment?
    I did wanna give it a try but the performance issue makes me hesitate to buy this.
    I’m wondering if I can try some demo of standalone version?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Mark Hogan Says

      Hi Bryan,

      I’m surprised you’re having poor performance, is it across all demo scenes? The webplayer is clamped to a maximum of 60 frames per second (though the frame counter normally says 58, PAParticleField could run much faster), and the comparison scene runs slow intentionally, clicking the ticks in the info boxes will disable each system to compare the framerate difference.

      Could you let me know what demos are slow for you and maybe a bit about your system? PC/Mac, Webplayer version maybe?

  • Tommy Scott Says

    Can this work on Unity 4.3? Does this work in OpenGL? And does this use the Fixed Function shader pipeline? I am developing on Wii U and Fixed Function shaders are not supported and the current Unity version is 4.3. This could be perfect for my current game project if it will work on Wii U.

    • Mark Hogan Says

      Hi Tommy, sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’ve been testing PA Particle Field in Unity 4.3. It works on OpenGL and doesn’t use Fixed Function shaders so it will work, the Inspector uses some newer features and the shaders take a while to compile. I need to check the lighting support and remove the uGUI menus from the demo scenes then I will upload a 4.3 compatible version to the Asset Store.

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